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Hello, cassu here.

My journal consists of me posting random RL bits, fandom chunks, and maybe the occasional music file. Most of my posts are public. I don't usually censor myself, so what you read is exactly what you think. As for subscribing/friending, please help yourself! Just drop me a little line, so I don't automatically frown upon your username. I may/may not subscribe right away however, I might lurk around your journal -- just to get a feel, then subscribe. I'm always open to making new friends!

[personal profile] cathstar, is my main journal. My devArt is for looking at teh pretties. [community profile] grapevines is where you will find my writing. Other stuff include: admin @ [community profile] inuyasha; Takizawa Akira is my [community profile] idkmybff; MAL is my anime list.

Chibi to the left made using this. Layout (C) [personal profile] winterfish.

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90s music, achilles/briseis, adventure time, akira/saki, alternate pairings, alternative history, anatolia story, ancient history, anime, aoshi/kaoru, arakure, avatar: the last airbender, baking, bmw, bob marley, bob's burgers, boba, bones, booth/brennan, bride of the water god, bubble tea, cappuccino, capslock, cooking, cooking mama, cowboy bebop, crackshipping, crushing on fictional characters, daft punk, daily happiness, dammit janet!, daniel henney, darker than black, drabbles, dreaming, dreams, driving, eden of the east, epic, eric mun, fandom, fanfiction, fashion, filipino, food, freddie mercury, fuckin' road rage n shit, greek mythology, harry potter, heart, hello kitty, historical, historical fiction, inuyasha, japanese, jewel in the palace, john legend, john mayer, k-dramas, kdrama, kimi ni todoke, king charles, korean, lady gaga, laughing uncontrollably, laughing uproariously at unfunny things, lee da hae, lee dong wook, love, love letters, love so life, mac, makeup, manga, medieval, milk tea, multi-shipping, music, mythical, mythology, ninjas, nujabes, one shots, original fiction, pearl jam, photography, pinay, que sera sera, queen, random acts of kindness, raywilliamjohnson, reading, road rage, robin/raven, romance, rurouni kenshin, sanrio, sarcasm, sasuhina, sasuke/hinata, sasuke/kasuga, sawako/shouta, scrubs, sengoku basara, sephora, sesshoumaru/kagome, sesskag, shaytards, shopping, singing, sleeping, spirited away, staying up late, steven universe, sushi, talking with an accent, tea, teen titans, too many music bands to list them all, top gear, top gear uk, trying not to be an asshole, uddup, until death do us part, ursa/ozai, urzai, writing, yoko kanno, zuko/katara, zutara
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